Greetings to New JU Students

September 5, 2013

To our new JU students,

Welcome to the Dolphin family. We’re excited to see so many new faces.

With the new school year well under way, we’d like to make sure everyone stays connected. That includes your parents, family members or others in your circle who might want to stay in the loop about the great things happening here.

One powerful way to do that is through our new monthly newsletter, which will update you and your family members on all the progress taking shape on campus. This e-mail will be packed with useful information and helpful tips.

We invite you to forward this e-mail to your circle of family and friends, and ask them to visit to take a 30-second contact information survey. That way, we can keep them updated.

We are currently working on our first newsletter, which will go out by the end of this month, so if the contact survey can be completed by Sept. 16, that will ensure that you and your family receive it.

Once we have their contact information, we’ll send them our monthly newsletter. We won’t share anyone’s email address beyond JU. From time to time we may reach out to your parents to provide information, or to see if they have questions, ideas or suggestions about how to improve JU and your student experience here.

Thanks so much for helping us by forwarding this email and survey link to them. Again, that link is

When replying to this message, please e-mail us directly at or

Go Dolphins!


Luka Vukadinovic and Katherine Thomas
Presidential Fellows
Jacksonville University