Richard J. Cebula

Cebula B. J. Walker/Wells Fargo Chair and Professor of Finance


 Phone: (904) 256-7904

 Office: Davis College of Business Room #237

 Richard Cebula joined JU after 18 years at Emory University, 7  years at Georgia Tech and, most recently, after serving as the  Shirley & Philip Solomons Eminent Scholar in Economics for 11  years at Armstrong Atlantic University.

 He is the author of 13 scholarly books and the author of nearly  500 articles in refereed scholarly journals in Finance, Economics, General Business, Management, and Statistics. His research has appeared in such venues as the Quarterly Journal of Economics, Journal of the American Statistical Association, Economic Inquiry, Journal of Regional Science, Journal of Financial Services Research, Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, Kyklos, Journal of Legal Studies, Southern Economic Journal, Public Choice, Land Economics, Industrial Relations, Industrial and Labor Relations Review, Journal of Labor Research, Journal of Management Studies, Applied Financial Economics, Journal of Housing Research, Regional Studies, Urban Studies, Metroeconomica, Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv, Journal of Economics and Finance, and the International Journal of Management. His research is widely referenced, and he is included in Who’s Who in Economics: A Biographical Dictionary of the Major Economists, 1700-1996(3rd edition), and was selected unanimously by the membership as the first Research Fellow of the Academy of Economics and Finance.

Dr. Cebula has a distinguished teaching record. He was recognized for his teaching excellence by the Economics profession’s highest award when in 2007 he was the sole recipient of the Kenneth G. Elzinga Distinguished Teaching Award (awarded annually by the Southern Economic Association in a global competition). He also received three “Teacher of the Year” and “Most Articulate Professor” awards at Emory and in 2009 was recognized as the “NROTC Professor of the Year” for his teaching and devotion to student success.

Dr. Cebula is Editor of the Journal of Regional Analysis and Policy and Managing Editor of the Journal of Economics and Finance Education, which he co-founded in 2002. He also serves as Advisory Editor or Associate Editor to the Journal of Economics and Finance, Global Business and Economics Review, Public Finance, Annals of Regional Science, and International Migration Review. He serves, as well, on the Editorial Boards of ten other scholarly journals. Finally, he served as President of the Academy of Economics and Finance and currently serves in several other professional capacities including the Executive Committee of the Southern Regional Science Association and the Academy of Economics and Finance.

Topping his academic career off, in the 2009 “Age 55 and over Olympic Games” held in South Carolina, Richard won three Gold Medals in the shot put, discus, and basketball.


  • PPOL 501. Microeconomics for Public Policy
  • Course: PPOL 502. Public Finance