Marcel Dulay

Dulay Sustainability Coordinator


 Phone: (904) 256-7343

 Office: JU PPI Adjunct Office

 Marcel Dulay has a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of  Texas at El Paso, a M.S. in Environmental Engineering and Ph.D. in  Public Policy from The University of Texas at Austin.  He serves as  the Coordinator of Campus Sustainability and Chair the Program in  Sustainability. Dr. Dulay’s areas of research and teaching include  sustainability, environmental economics, and water resources, as well as conflict resolution. His most recent effort is developing decision support systems for real-time negotiations of policy that requires complex science so that the public can make meaningful contributions. He is also a practicing engineer with over 20 years of experience where he has worked with some of the largest design firms to build environmental infrastructure, conduct environmental studies, and engage the public to develop environmental policy. He regularly presents his work at the national level, advices government agencies on policy, and works on community projects to reduce poverty and improve the environment. Dr. Dulay is also a documentary film maker and is constantly working to develop innovative ways to address the world’s most complex problems.


  • PPOL 514. Public Policy Analysis