James Mirabella

Mirabella Assistant Professor of Decision Science and Information  Management

 Email: jmirabe@ju.edu

 Phone: (904) 256-7905

 Office: Davis College of Business Room #134

 James Mirabella received his B.S. in Operations Research from the  U. S. Air Force Academy, his M.B.A. from Auburn University, and his  D.B.A. in Management from Nova Southeastern University. His  teaching interests are in Operations Management, Statistics, and  Quantitative Analysis. His areas of research interests include Operations Management, TQM, Human Resources, and Teaching & Learning. His experience includes nine years in the U.S. Air Force in Logistics and Analysis, nine years in the corporate sector in Marketing Research and Quality, three years in academics as a director of research, and twenty years of adjunct teaching in statistics and research. Dr. Mirabella has been a member of the Davis College of Business faculty for 5 years.


  • PPOL 521. Statistics and Research Methods in Public Policy