Carol Dole


 Department Chair for Sports Management and  Associate Professor of Economics


 Phone: (904) 256-7003

 Office: Davis College of Business Room #118B

 Carol Dole received her B.S. in Journalism and her Ph.D. in  Economics from the University of Florida. She earned her M.B.A.  from the University of Cincinnati. Dr.  Dole teaches Principles of  Microeconomics and Macroeconomics as well as Statistics and  Sport Economics. Her current research is on Applied Microeconomics with a Focus on Sports. She has recently been appointed Department Chair of Sports Management as it moves under the Davis College of Business curriculum. Dr. Dole served as Assessment Chair playing an important role in the acquisition of international accreditation through AACSB for the Davis College of Business. She has been a part of the Jacksonville University Faculty for 6 years.


  • PPOL 501. Microeconomics for Public Policy
  • Course:  PPOL 502. Public Finance