Student Leadership Activities


Jacksonville University Upward Bound has various leadership opportunities available such as the SGA and Judiciary Committee .
 SGA (Student Government Association) consist of a group of students who have been appointed by the student body of the Upward Bound program to maintain the goals, principles and ethics of the Upward Bound program, here at Jacksonville University. The members of this student association are to work towards educational excellence and set a positive example for other members within the program. Through their leadership they will make a conscious effort to fulfill their duties within each office that’s appointed (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Historian, Parliamentarian, and Chaplain) and provide leadership that assists the staff in the improvement and effectiveness of this program to accomplish the mission to help high school students to graduate and enroll in the college or university of their choice.


The Judiciary Committee consists of a group of student leaders who are appointed by the staff to act as a student court to judge their peers.  They are responsible for hearing the facts of each case brought before them and rendering a just verdict based on the evidence presented.  The Judiciary Committee even chose the appropriate reprimands and penalties for those convicted of wrongdoing.