MSN Clinical Nurse Educator Cohort

The Clinical Nurse Educator concentration provides theory and practice, which builds upon the knowledge and experiences students bring to the curriculum and facilitates further development of skills in the art of teaching nursing. The teaching role option offers the choice of focusing on adult education (staff development and/or continuing education in a health care agency) or higher education (teaching nursing students in a degree-granting institution). The MSN Clinical Nurse Educator will be prepared to provide highly qualified direct patient services and discipline-specific educational concepts to nursing practice. This program is geared towards students pursuing a Nurse Educator position or higher. The Clinical Nurse Educator cognate requires a total of 15 credit hours The education concentration prepares the student to continue graduate study at the Doctoral level.

Admissions & Curriculum

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Admission Instructions

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Teresa MacGregor PhD, ARNP

Director, MSN Programs

Ashley Crummedyo

Coordinator for Nursing Cohorts