DNP Student Defenses


Robin Boothby, DNP, RN

Making Evidenced Based Practice, Everyday Practice

Chair: Dr. Roberta Christopher


Dayle Ann McCary, DNP, RN

Competency Assessment of Nursing Staff in the Healthcare Setting

Chair: Dr. Mary Gipson


Navondria Lawson, DNP, FNP

Caring Connection

Chair: Dr. Teresa MacGregor


Paula Peacock, DNP, FNP

B12 Monitoring and Supplementation in Type II Diabetic Patients Taking Metformin

Chair: Dr. Leigh Hart


Barbara Austin, DNP, FNP-BC

HPV Vaccine Uptake in the Family Practice Setting: A Quality Improvement Project

Chair: Dr. Hilary Morgan


Christopher Rumsey, DNP, MBA, RN

Short-Stay Palliative Pain Management for Southwestern VA: Process Improvement Plan

Chair: Dr. Hilary Morgan


Shannon French, DNP, RN, CPN

Fertility Preservation: Educating the Pediatric Oncology Population

Chair: Dr. Lindsay Wolf 


Leighanne Meade, DNP, FNP-BC
A Preprocedural Hydration Protocol for Prevention of Contrast-Induced Nephropathy
Chair: Dr. Michelle Edmonds


Rebecca Monteau 

How a Structured Orientation Pathway Can Meet the Needs of the Organization, Employee, and Patients

Chair: Dr. Mary Vanderhoef


Traci Fowler, DNP, RN
Advancing the Health Literacy Knowledge and Skills of Undergraduate Nursing Students
Chair:  Dr. Lynnette Kennison


Shannon Meijer, DNP, RN
Nursing Program Admission Criteria: Finding the Right Mix for Improving Program and NCLEX-RN Outcomes
Chair: Dr. Cheryl Bergman


Lori Dewey, DNP, RN
Nurse Residency Program Pilot
Chair: Dr. Hilary Morgan


Barbara Barnes, DNP, APRN
Nurse Residency Program Pilot
Chair: Dr. Hilary Morgan


Deb Hadfield, DNP, RN
Use of Virtual Simulation as Home Assignments to Improve Clinical Reasoning Skills in First Semester Bachelor Nursing Students
Chair: Dr. Leigh Hart


Sherry Talsma, DNP, RN
Interprofessional Simulation in Undergraduate Health Science Programs: An Assessment of Interdisciplinary Perception and Readiness for Interprofessional Learning between Nursing, Radiology and Human Service Senior Students
Chair: Dr. Leigh Hart


Sara Wilk, DNP, RN
Improved Interprofessional Communication Skills through Simulation Using Telecommunication: The Impact of Interprofessional Education Using Skype and Facetime on IPEC Competencies Self-Assessed Scores of the Interprofessional Values Domain and Interprofesional Interactions Domain in Senior Level Pre-licensure BSN Nursing Students
Chair: Dr. Leigh Hart


Kelly Martin, DNP, RN
Engagement in a Cultural Competence Course and its Impact on Transcultural Competence, Transcultural Confidence, and Transcultural Knowledge
Chair: Dr. Michelle Edmonds


Connie Smith, DNP, RN
The Impact of Nurse to Nurse Mentoring in Leadership Skills Development-RNmentor2mentor
Chair: Dr. Roberta Christopher


Linda Macera-DiClemente, DNP, RN
The Impact of Nurse to Nurse Mentoring in Leadership Skills Development-RNmentor2mentor
Chair: Dr. Roberta Christopher


Mary Beaudry, DNP, RN
Motivational Interviewing and Diabetes
Chair: Dr. Pam Rillstone


Amanda R. McNulty, DNP, FNP-BC
Using Brief Motivational Interviewing to Increase Healthy Lifestyle Habits in Overweight and Obese Adults in a Rural Family Practice Setting
Chair: Dr. Pam Rillstone


Kimberly Johnson, DNP, RN
Telemedicine Changing Home Health Care 
Chair: Dr. Hilary Morgan


Leyla Pordeli, DNP, RN
Informatics Competency-Based Assessnent: Evaluation and Determination of Nursing Informatics Competency Gaps among Practicing Nurse Informaticists
Chair: Dr. Roberta Christopher


Ilana Logvinov, DNP, RN
Evidence-Based Practice Fellowship Program
Chair: Dr. Mary Vanderhoef


Michelle Conkling, DNP, CNM
Underserved Women and Hereditary Breast Cancer Screening
Chair: Dr. Mary Gipson


Patricia Williamson, DNP, RN
Family-Centered Visitation Program Guide for the Pediatric PACU
Chair: Dr. Lindsay Wolf


Erica Schroeder, DNP, FNP-BC
Evaluation of a Fellowship Program for Nurse Practitioner Graduates in an Academic Environment
Chair: Dr. Michelle Edmonds.


Angela Ford, DNP, FNP-BC
A Project Comparing Self-monitoring with a Smartphone Application for Weight Loss vs Paper Diary
Chair: Dr. Roberta Logsdon


Kara Bragg, DNP, FNP, ENP
Ultrasound as a First Line Diagnostic Modality to Detect Urolithiasis.
Chair: Dr. Leigh Hart


Janette Dunlap, DNP, FNP
Text4Life: The Use of Text Messaging to Influence Health Behaviors in Adolescents.
Chair: Dr. Hilary Morgan


Tracie Mitchem Green, DNP, FNP
Exploring the Lived Experience of Now-Adult Child Sexual Abuse Victims.
Chair: Dr. Michelle Edmonds​


​Martha Hicks, DNP, FNP
Patient Centered Medical Home Integrated Primary Care Sub-Specialists​
Chair: Dr. Michelle Edmonds​


Karen Lane, DNP, FNP
Effectiveness of Portal Notification in Completion of Cervical Cancer Screening In the 50-65 Year Old Female Family Medicine Patient.
Chair: Dr. Hilary Morgan


​Diana Oliver, DNP, ANP, PMHNP
Discovering Undiagnosed Obstructive Sleep Apnea in a Psychiatric Population.
Chair: Dr. Lynnette Hansen Kennison​


Michelle Silver, DNP, FNP
Evaluating a New Ambulatory Care Coordination Program.
Chair: Dr. Teri Chenot


Joann Smith, DNP, CNM​
Midwives’ Business Guide To An Independent Home Birth Practice.
Chair: Dr. Hilary Morgan


Sandra Taylor, PNP, DNP
Flipped Learning in the Pediatric Classroom-A Capstone Project.
Chair: ​Dr. Jeane Richards


​Carol Volante, DNP, FNP
Emerging Strategies in Diabetes Education: An Integrated Literature Review. 
Chair: Dr. Leigh Hart


Mary Blade, DNP, FNP
Guideline Directed Therapy for Systolic Heart Failure​.
Chair: Dr. Leigh Hart


​Elaine Borne, DNP, ANP, AGACNP
Nurse Practitioners' Perceived Preparedness for the Role of Hospitalist Provider.
Chair: Dr. Leigh Hart


​Janet Garvey, DNP ANP, PMHNP
Improving Communication between Professional Caregivers and Patients with Dementia: Evaluating the Efficacy of a Caregiver Education Program.​
Chair: Dr. Hilary Morgan


​Mary Leen, DNP, ANP, AGACNP
Disease Management of Heart Failure: Nurse led Multidisciplinary Clinic.
Chair: Dr. Leigh Hart


Crystal Lynn, DNP, CRNA
A Case Analysis: Intracardiac Thrombus during Liver /Kidney Transplant with resolution using t-PA.
Chair: Dr. Leigh Hart


Pam Lovett, DNP, CRNA
Propofol versus Midazolam/Fentanyl Sedation for Colonoscopy in the Elderly.
Chair: Dr. Hilary Morgan


​Ava Smith, DNP, FNP
Nurse Practitioner Attitudes Regarding Utilization of Smartphone Tracker Apps. 
Chair: Dr. Hilary Morgan


​Mary Vanderhoef, DNP, FNP​
Patient Understanding of Emergency Department Discharge Instructions.
Chair: Dr. Michelle Edmonds​