Curriculum Overview


The basic four-year course of study follows the outline below:

Freshman Year: Calculus I and II

Sophomore Year: Calculus III, Linear Algebra, Mathematics & Reasoning

Junior Year: Applied Mathematics, Differential Equations, Statistics, Geometry

Senior Year: Analysis, Abstract Algebra, History of Mathematics, and a capstone course in problem solving

Students may choose to add one of the following concentrations:

  • Engineering Mathematics - Prepares students to enter an engineering program in applied mathematics. Students add selected courses in applied mathematics and engineering.
  • Actuarial Science - Prepares students for careers as actuaries. Students add selected courses in statistics, as well as courses in applied mathematics and in finance. They also prepare for the first actuarial examinations. 
  • Mathematics Education -  Prepares students for careers as secondary school mathematics teachers. Students add education courses and experience in student teaching. 

A solid background in h​igh school mathematics is expected. Students desiring to major or minor in mathematics usually start with Calculus I, although advanced placement is available. For those requiring background for success in calculus, a precalculus course called "Mathematics of Motion and Change" provides an interesting introduction.