Major Requirements

The Major consists of 77 credits toward completion of the University Bachelor of Science degree total of 120 credits. The Major credits are grouped into three categories; lower division prerequisites; upper division requirements; and upper division options. All courses in the Major must be completed with a grade of​ "C" or better.

Lower Division Prerequisites

The Major consists of 32-33 credit hours of lower division prerequisite courses. These courses serve as the foundation for the upper division KIN courses. These courses must be successfully completed prior to beginning the upper division KIN courses.

Code/Number​ Course Title Credit Hours
KIN 200 Kinesiology Freshman Seminar 1
KIN 256 Biophysical Foundations in Health Sciences 3
KIN 257 Socio-cultural Foundations in Health Sciences 3
PSYC 201 Introductory Psychology 3
BIOL 215 Human Anatomy & Physiology I 4
BIOL 216 Human Anatomy & Physiology II 4
BIOL 221 Nutrition 3

CHEM Requirement
: Select one.
CHEM 101
CHEM 103

Introductory College Chemistry
General Chemistry I


PHYS Requirement
: Select one.
PHYS 111
PHYS 151


Principles of Physics I
General Physics: Mechanics

STATS Requirement: Select one.
MATH 205
MATH 206
Elementary Statistics
Statistical Methods in Science