The Kinesiology Internship Program provides students an opportunity to observe and gain practical experience in a professional environment. Students must be at the senior level, have a minimum 2.50 GPA and are required to complete 3 credits (135 contact hours) of internship before graduation. Up to an additional 6 credits may be used to fulfill hours within the upper division Kinesiology Options sections.
Students must be enrolled in KIN 490 Internship in the Health Sciences as a Kinesiology major in the Kinesiology Department while completing internship hours. The student’s academic advisor and participating organization supervisor coordinate the internship. A faculty supervisor (a Kinesiology Faculty member) will supervise the Internship Program each academic term (Fall/Spring/Summer). See Kinesiology Student Handbook for more information on internship objectives, features, organization, student and faculty responsibilities.

Internship Program Goals 2017-2020

  • Continue to develop strong internship affiliations with appropriate sport, health, and performance sciences and education-based facilities
  • Ensure that students obtain a well-rounded preparation for successful market experience post-graduation
  • Develop a strong base of advanced sport, health, and performance sciences preceptors in the community
  • Develop community service opportunities to enhance the student perspective regarding multicultural and economic issues impacting communication and access to sport, health, and performance sciences