Degree Requirements

Students admitted into the kinesiological sciences masters program must complete the Core Requirements and required elective/athletic training sciences options. Enrollment in the athletic training sciences courses is restricted to the students admitted to the athletic training graduate assistant program. A minimum grade of "B-" is required in all graduate courses. Any course in which a student receives lower than a grade of 'B-' must be successfully repeated in the next term the course is offered. Failure to successfully complete a repeated course will result in academic dismissal from the program.

Core Requirements (18 credits)
Requires the completion of 18 credit hours of courses in Kinesiology theory, instrumentation, and research skills. Theory and Instrumentation courses are 8 weeks long and consists of four courses each. Research skills courses are 16 weeks long and consists of two courses.

Kinesiology Theory Courses (8 weeks)
KIN 501 Biomechanics of Human Movement (1.5 cr)
KIN 502 Muscle/Tissue Mechanics (1.5 cr)
KIN 503 Sensorimotor Control (1.5 cr)
KIN 504 Physiology of Human Movement (1.5 cr)

Kinesiology Instrumentation Courses (8 weeks)
KIN 511 2-Dimensional Video Analysis (1.5 cr)
KIN 512 3-Dimensional Motion Analysis (1.5 cr)
KIN 513 Force Plate and Electromyography (1.5 cr)
KIN 514 Metabolism and Composition (1.5 cr)

Kinesiology Research Skills Courses (8 weeks)
KIN 521 Statistical Literacy (3 cr)
KIN 522 Research Literacy (3 cr)

Required Electives (18 credits)
Upon successful completion of the core requirement, requires the completion of 18 credit hours of required electives or athletic training sciences (hybrid). 
Kinesiological Sciences Elective Courses:
KIN 500 Topics in Kinesiological Sciences  (var. 1-6 cr: max. 12 cr)
KIN 531 Rehabilitation Research Design Procedures (3 cr)
KIN 535 Perception-Action Coupling (3 cr)
KIN 541 Behavioral Medicine (3 cr)
KIN 550 Resistance Training Principles & Practice (3 cr)
KIN 570 Advanced Physiology of Human Movement (3 cr)
KIN 575 Movement Performance Analytics (3 cr)
KIN 580 Mechanical Modeling of Human Motion (3 cr)
KIN 585 Advanced Biomechanical Analysis of Human Movement (3 cr)
KIN 586 Advanced Neuromechanics of Sport Performance (3 cr)
KIN 587/588 Independent Study in Kinesiological Science (var. 1-6 cr: max 6 cr)
KIN 590 Internship (var. 1-9: max. 9 cr)
KIN 599 Thesis (var. 1-9 cr)

Athletic Training Sciences Option (hybrid 8-week courses: 18 credits)
Open only to students admitted in the Athletic Training Graduate Assistant Program. The following six 8-week courses are offered as one course per 8-week term beginning in the fall semester and must be taken in course sequence every 8-week term for 12 months during the FIRST year. AT students will complete the 18 credits of theory, instrumentation, and research courses in their SECOND year.

Required Courses
KIN 561 Best Practices in Secondary School Athletic Training (3 cr)
KIN 562 Deadly Risks in Sports – Secondary School Best Practices (3 cr)
KIN 563 Rehabilitation of Sports Injury within the Secondary School AT Room (3 cr)
KIN 564 Funding, Politics, Partnerships & Pitfalls in Secondary School Athletic Training (3 cr)
KIN 565 Injury Reporting, Data Collection & Research in Athletic Training (3 cr)
KIN 566 Essential Competencies in Athletic Training (3 cr)