Planning & Assessment

​​​The planning and assessment component of IER manages and facilitates related processes throughout the university. It utilizes an online system to facilitate planning, assessment, use of results, and reporting. It also utilizes the online system to facilitate institutional strategic planning, assessment, and reporting.

​Planning-Assessment Model

Jacksonville University (JU) has a comprehensive, integrated planning and assessment process. Planning and assessment occurs at the institutional level and extends to the classroom level. It is a cyclical process whereby plans are developed and implemented on an annual basis, outcomes are assessed, and findings are used to guide improvements. To achieve systemic integration of plans, the University utilizes an online planning-assessment system that allows users to align their goals and objectives with those of the University. This website is designed to facilitate use of the planning-assessment system and as a repository for useful information and best practices.


TracDat is an online system used by JU to facilitate planning and assessment. It provides a central location for storing plans and assessments in a common format. It provides relational database tools that enable systemic integration of plans, assessments, and outcomes. It is a repository for storing and retrieving supporting documentation. TracDat can generate pre-designed and ad-hoc reports for addressing internal needs and external agencies.


The following are services provided by OIER:

  • Training and assistance in planning and assessment
  • Training and assistance in using TracDat
  • Assistance with designing and implementing assessment methods
  • Assistance with collecting, managing, and using results
  • Assistance with designing, generating, and distributing reports