Institutional Research & Assessment


The mission of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Research is to facilitate improvement in effectiveness of the University through strategic planning, assessment, research, and use of results in decision-making.


Institutional effectiveness is achieved by improving the University through strategic planning, effective implementation of plans, and assessment of results. It involves ongoing data collection, analysis of outcomes, and use of findings to guide decisions and actions. It is a cyclical process that yields annual improvement and refinement in progression towards goals. The end goals of this process are fulfillment of the institutional mission and improved student learning.

Research is an integral component in the institutional improvement process. It provides means for generating information needed for planning, assessing the effect of programs, and generating information needed for decision-making.


  • Institutional strategic planning and outcomes assessment.
  • Program planning, assessment, reporting, and use of results.
  • Academic and administrative program review and/or evaluation.
  • Using the TracDat online planning-assessment system.
  • Development, execution, and analysis of online surveys.
  • Research to assess the effectiveness of programs or strategies.
  • Production of information or statistics for decision-making.
  • Demonstrating compliance with accreditation standards.

About This Site

This website is designed to provide information about the operation, services, and products of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Research (IER). Some reports and documentation produced by the office are for internal use and must be obtained by entering the university portal. Restricted reports and documentation can be obtained by upon request, but are subject to approval.

Navigating this Site

The following is a description of information information provided by this site:

  • Planning-Assessment – Information about the planning-assessment system used at JU, online planning-assessment, assessment outcomes, and program review.
  • Research – Information about internal and external research initiatives along with related findings.
  • Facts – Repository for Fast Facts and Fact Books produced by IER.
  • Common Datasets – Repository for Common Datasets produced by IER.
  • About IER – More information about IER along with contact information.