Head Coach, Men's Soccer


Position Title

Head Coach, Men's Soccer




Full Time/Exempt

Position Summary

Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to: Coaching, teaching student athletes how to perform SOCCER, scheduling, recruiting, travel arrangements, budget management and fundraising. Approximately 60% of the Head Coach’s responsibility is dedicated to the instruction of SPORT through on-field training and classroom training through use of video and other teaching techniques. Approximately 40% of the Coach’s responsibility is recruiting and other administrative duties. Development of this Division I baseball program will be expected to be within the guidelines of the NCAA, Conference Office, and Jacksonville University

Essential Job Duties


  • Instructing players in the rules, regulations, equipment, and techniques of the sport.
  • Organizing and directing individual and small group practice activities/exercises as directed by the head coach
  • Assess player’s skills, monitors players during competition and practice, and keeps the head coach informed of the athletic performance of students

COACHING – Responsible for:

  • All on- and off-field coaching
  • Completing the Coaches Status Report annually

SCHEDULING– Responsible for:

  • Scheduling of all competition
  • Submitting schedule to the Finance and Compliance Office for final approval prior to initiating contracts
  • Coordinating and Submitting Practice Schedule to appointed administrative staff 

FINANCIAL AID– Responsible for:

  • Understanding NCAA regulations
  • Initiating process for initial and renewal grants
  • Consistently updating team rosters
  • Meeting athletic grant-in-aid budget

BUDGETS– Responsible for:

  • Assisting in annual budget preparation
  • Staying within amount budgeted for fiscal year
  • Having all expenditures pre-approved through appropriate channels

TRAVEL– Responsible for:

  • Initiating process for all travel arrangements and submitting reports within 48 hours of return

EQUIPMENT/APPAREL– Responsible for:

  • Pre- and Post-season inventory
  • Care and maintenance of all equipment/apparel and facilities
  • Initiating process to order equipment/apparel

ACADEMICS– Responsible for:

  • Supporting all Department of Athletics policies on classroom attendance, study hall, progress reports and enforcing disciplinary actions
  • Working with teams to maintain and increase their APR

FUNDRAISING– Responsible for:

  • Getting prior approval from university personnel prior to initiating a fund raising activity
  • Devising new methods of fund raising
  • Being available for Departmental fund raising activities
  • Following guidelines established by Department, University, and the NCAA for fund raising activities

PAPERWORK – Responsible for:

  • Completing all paperwork by established athletic department and NCAA deadlines

MEETINGS – Responsible for:

  • Attending and contributing to all Department of Athletics meetings and requested functions

CAMPS - Responsible for:

  • Following guidelines established by Department, University, and the NCAA for camp procedures and operations

RECRUITING– Responsible for:

  • Compliance with NCAA recruiting rules and completing associated paperwork in a timely manner
  • Arranging financially responsible recruiting trips
  • Passing NCAA Coach’s Recruiting Test each year
  • Initiating arrangements for all official visits
  • Recruiting students who will be an asset to the University and Department of Athletics and graduate in a timely manner

Special Skills

  • Knowledge of NCAA Division I Rules and Regulations
  • Mastery of the sport of Soccer
  • Ability to lead, guide and direct assistants
  • Willingness to form relationships with constituents and fundraise

Work Conditions

  • Required to work atypical hours including nights, weekends, potential holidays
  • May be required to practice in heat, cold, inclement weather

Physical Requirements

  • Must be able to physically perform essential job duties or have special accommodations arranged in advance

Prerequisites Required for Position

Minimum Education Requirement

  • Bachelor’s degree from accredited college or university, master’s degree preferred

Minimum Work Experience

  • Five years collegiate coaching experience at NCAA Division I level preferred

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with NCAA Division I Rules and Regulations
  • Proven recruiting and fundraising abilities
  • Demonstrated leadership skills

Important Note

This is not an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties and/or skills required for this position. The University reserves the right to amend and change responsibilities to meet organizational needs.

Covid Vaccination Information: Faculty and Staff

All Jacksonville University employees who work at any JU facility must be vaccinated against COVID-19.

For more information regarding the JU vaccination policy, please click the link below.

JU Vaccination Policy

To Apply

Interested applicants are asked to submit a copy of their resume and cover letter to Justin Wilkins at jwilkin6@ju.edu