Program Description

Humanities is a multidisciplinary B.A degree and minor program in which students explore the myriad dimensions of human thought and creative expression which have defined global cultures from ancient times through the present. Encompassing courses in interdisciplinary humanities, the fine arts, literature, languages, the social sciences, philosophy, and religion, the Humanities major provides a strong liberal arts education, which is the foundation for success in a number of fields ranging from law, education, and journalism to medicine and the corporate realm.

Major in Humanities

Curriculum Overview

A Humanities major consists of 18 semester hours of HUM-prefix courses, plus 12 hours of coursework from other related departments.

Some HUM courses are historical studies of American, European, and/or non-Western culture, while others focus on the relationship between culture and such areas as the arts, the natural sciences, or the social sciences.

In addition, majors take 12 hours of elective courses in international studies, religion or philosophy, literature or film, and fine arts. These courses build a strong intellectual foundation, but also leave time for other electives and for a student to add a minor and/or a second major in other areas of study. In fact, students are encouraged to double major to reinforce their work in a related humanistic discipline (e.g., pairing interdisciplinary humanities with English, art history, philosophy, or a foreign language), to place that work in a social context (e.g., humanities and history, psychology, or sociology), or to lend cultural meaning to the natural sciences (e.g., humanities and chemistry, physics, biology, or mathematics).

In addition to fulfilling the requirements for the Humanities major, all students must also meet all other university core curriculum and graduation requirements.

Major Requirements

You can find the most recent advising "checksheets" for the Humanities major below. Requirements for the major are sometimes updated from year to year, so students should refer to the checksheet corresponding to the catalog year on file for them in the Registrar's Office.

Minor in Humanities

A Humanities minor consists of 18 credit hours in HUM-prefix courses. Students may select any six HUM courses.

Department of Humanities

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