Dr. Carole Barnett

Dr. Carole Barnett 
Dr. Carole Barnett 
Professor of Humanities 
B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Florida State University
Office: Council 115
Phone: 256-7382
email: cbarnet@ju.edu
I have been with Jacksonville University  since 1998. I received my Master's and Ph.D. degrees from Florida State University .  I have always been passionate about the Humanities, and I love teaching at Jacksonville University. The campus is incredible as are the professors and students. It is a true community! I have always been interested in the arts, culture, and other peoples and have fulfilled this love through international travel. I have travelled extensively throughout Europe and spent my sabbatical in the Middle East studying ancient Arabic culture. I feel that incorporating these experiences  into the classroom is enriching. Some summers I take my students on a study abroad experience whether it is touring the ancient archaeological ruins of Italy and Greece or exploring castles and other medieval sites in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Our Departmental study Abroad or Study Away courses also fulfill the core curriculum requirement for HUM credit. I primarily teach the following Humanities courses:

--Ancient Cultures
--Medieval/Renaissance Cultures
--Culture and Diversity in the Middle East
--Medical/Healthcare Humanities
--Other special topics courses

The Humanities Department encourages our majors to participate in the JU campus community. There are many resources for student success and all majors are encouraged to present their research at the JU Research Symposium or other venues.

Please feel free to drop by our offices anytime! Dr. Owens and I are always excited to welcome new students who may want to hear more about this exciting program.

Dr. Barnett