First Year Experience

​​Welcome to Jacksonville University!

We are looking forward to your arrival, and we are eager to meet you in our classrooms, at our great JU events, and all around our gorgeous campus.

  • You are here on a new adventure.
  • You are here to explore what you believe and value.
  • You are here to enter into new experiences.
  • You are here to encounter new ideas.
  • You are here to develop new ways of thinking and learning and to form lifelong friendships on this challenging journey!

What is JU 101: The First Year Experience?

The overall goal of this course is to help you develop essential skills for creating success in college and beyond. This course is designed to be an experiential learning voyage. In this course you will become responsible partners in your own educational journeys, learning about and developing as persons and as students. Through these shared experiences you will enhance both your personal and academic skills. You will form lasting social and academic bonds with fellow peers and the JU faculty.

Why should I take JU 101: The First Year Experience?

The FYE course helps students adjust academically, emotionally, and socially to college life. The instructors connect with students and introduce them to new ideas and campus resources. The classes have no more than 25 students and which allows each student to personally connect with the instructor and build relationships with their peers. Statistically, students who complete the FYE course have a better overall college experience, higher grades, and make a positive impact on campus.​​