Meet the Faculty

Dr. Lee Ann Clements

Associate Provost for Assessment and Academic Operations

  • Expertise  Biological Oceanography / Physiological Ecology
  • Class  JU 101 Course: Why We Eat What We Eat: Exploring Our Culture, History and Science Through Food
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Dr. Sandra Coyle

Professor of English

  • Expertise  English / Linguistics / Composition Pedagogy and Theory
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ExpertisDirectory enDr. Nisse Goldberg

Professor of Biology and Marine Science

  • Expertise  Biology and Marine Science / Terrestrial and Marine Botany
  • Class  JU 101 Course: STEM with a focus on educational/career goal development and study-work-life balance
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Dr. Kristie Gover

Senior Vice President, Dean of Students

  • Expertise  Higher Education Administration
  • Class  JU 101 Course: Starting your Leadership Journey at JU
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DaVina Hamilton

Associate Dean of Students

  • Expertise  Instructional Leadership and Organizational Development
  • Class  JU 101 Course: Leadership: Strategies for Growth Personally and Academically
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Olivia Hattan-Edwards

Resource Faculty Systems Librarian

  • Expertise  Library and Information Sciences / English
  • Class  JU 101 Course: How to be a Know-It-All
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Andy Heston

Director of Student Athlete Services

  • Expertise  JU 101 Course: Sport Business / Marketing in Athletic Fields
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Roderick Jungbauer

Director of Advising

  • Expertise  Fine Arts & Music
  • Class  JU 101 Course: Dancing with Star Wars
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Dr. Mike Nancarrow

Professor of Mathematics

  • Expertise  Mathematics / Mathematics Education / Calculus
  • Class  JU 101 Course: Leadership, Stewardship, Self-Reliance and the Great Outdoors
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Dr. Christine Sapienza

Provost, Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs

  • Expertise  Speech Science / Communication Sciences
  • Class  JU 101 Course: Introduction to Health Professions: Endless Opportunities!
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Dr. Frances Thomas

Adjunct Professor

  • Expertise  Education
  • Class  JU 101 Course: The Art of Visualization

Dr. Quinton White

Executive Director, Marine Science Research Institute

  • Expertise  Biology / Marine Science Research
  • Class  JU 101 Course: Keeping Your Head Above Water: Lessons learned from being a Marine Scientist
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Dr. Colleen Wilson

Professor of Education

Dr. Peter Zhao

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

  • Expertise  Chemistry
  • Class  JU 101 Course: Acing the first year: What you can learn from JU Academic Support Center
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