Engineering Projects

Current Projects

Mobile Water Quality Monitoring System

Funded by EPIC 2015-2016, collaborating with Dr. Quinton White (Marine Science) and Dr. Ashley Johnson (GIS), one undergraduate student from each major working with us.

Optimization of Fabrication of An Ionic Polymer Metallic Composition

Funded by JU Research Grant 2015-2016, collaborating with Dr. Zhaoyang Huang (Chemistry Department), three undergraduate students (one from engineering department and two from Chemistry department working with us). Thanks to people from Xi’an Jiaotong University China for providing us with samples for preliminary study.


Hands-Free Manipulation of Virtual Structures

Members: Dr. Maria Javaid and Trenton Hasty

Abstract: This research work involves the survey of existing technology utilizing which an application to monitor hand movements can be developed. Our aim is to sense the motion and rotation of hand in 3-D. The motivation for this research is to improve the realism and ease in the use of interactive 3-D educational game (ToothPIC) developed by the faculty mentor of this research. Many educational and recreational games require manipulation of virtual structures. Such manipulations involve mouse movement and mouse clicks of control panel buttons we aim to replace that with natural hand movements.

Completed Projects

Self tuning parts in an Erhu instrument using shape memory alloys

Project member: Stephen Cowan, class of 2014 worked on this project for his BS thesis

Presentation/publish : work presented at the International Conference on SPIE Smart Structures and Materials + Nondestructive Evaluation and Health Monitoring (SPIE Smart Structures/NDE 2015), March 8-12, 2015, San Diego, CA.


An information indicator based on two-way shape memory alloys

Project member: Devin Pappas, class of 2015, John Leong, Bryam Duque and Max A Orozco

Presentation/publish: work presented at the International Conference on SPIE Smart Structures and Materials + Nondestructive Evaluation and Health Monitoring (SPIE Smart Structures/NDE 2015), March 8-12, 2015, San Diego, CA.

3D printed products for outreach activities like One Spark and Science Fair 2015 as well as JU open house

Group members: Jon Maywood, Weston Miller (class of 2017, ME)

Presentation/Publish: “A 3D printed Ukulele” presented at 29th Annual National Conference on Undergraduate Research April 16 - 18, 2015, Eastern Washington University and JU symposium 2015.​

Dry Ionic Polymer Metallic Composite for personal devices

Group members: Devin Pappas (Class of 2015), John Leong, and Bryam Duque

Presentation/Publish: Haptics using a smart material for eyes-free interaction in personal devices, Proceedings of SPIE NDE, Volume 9057: Active and Passive Smart Structures and Integrated Systems 2014.

Thanks to Dr.​ Asaka from ASIC, Japan for providing free samples​​.




Design Problem:
Design and build a bridge by using popsicle sticks that would satisfy the given criteria and carry the maximum amount of load. 


Credits: Joseph DeYoung, Alexander Mansfield, Christopher Morgan

Design Problem:
Design a tool that could be used in your daily life, model it by SolidWorks, and use a 3D printer to build it.

Dorm Room Hook

Hook to use in dorm room
Credits: Kyle Crews, Nicholas Ohlwein, Jonathan Treco

Drink Snack Container

 Cup lid and snack holder in one
Credits: Joseph DeYoung, Alexander Mansfield, Patrick Taylor


Japanese Sandals

Japanese sandals
Credits: Weston Miller and Jon Maywood


Design Problem:
Create and build a puzzle from wood by drawing contours in AutoCAD, creating a g-code, and cutting pieces in a CNC router.
3D maze

3D maze
Credits: Sergio Aponte, Diego Diaz Sanchez, Cameron Larsson

Puzzle Airplane

Wood airplane
Credits: Donroy Hall, Theophilus Ominabo, Johnny Villegas

Planets Puzzle

Planets puzzle

Credits: David Moreno, Christopher Morgan, Josh Pruitt

Design Problem:
Design and build a launcher that would use the angle calculated by a MATLAB code and throw a ping-pong ball to a randomly selected target.

Launcher Sergio Diego

Credits: Sergio Aponte, Diego Diaz Sanchez 

Launcher Mike Smith
Credits: Michael Smith, Julie Summers

Design Problem:
Design and build a simple tool that would be used to measure an open channel flow.  

 Paddle Wheel
Credits: Christian Carter, Ted Clark 

Design Problem:
Design and build a system that would ease the use of a 3D scanner and have a better scan quality.

3D Scanner Holder Turntable

Credits: Chinh Do, Kristopher Lyles

Design Problem
Provide a more efficient aide to firefighting and first aid response to the victims by using drones.


Proof of concept launching of fire extinguisher ball using table tennis ball
Credits: Nicole Buczkowski, Christian Carter, Harrison Clark, Kyle Crews, Michelle Espinal

Design Problem:
Create a prosthetic for a duck with a missing foot using 3D printer.

Prosthetic Duck Yanni
Credits: Yanni Cacho

Design Problem:
Design & build an autonomous water quality monitoring system to wirelessly collect and store real time, continuous data from a water body.


Credits: Trenton Hasty, Bailey Holbrooks, Madison Shelly