Post-Storm FAQ

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Safety and Condition of Campus

Are any trees still dangerous as far as risk of limbs falling? Can students go outside?

Due to the continuing danger of falling limbs and to provide maximum safety and access for our crews to clear the debris and secure the area, the center of campus remains closed and is marked with warning tape and hazard cones. Students have been instructed to remain out of that area of campus.

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Meals and Residence Halls

Are all meals still being served from Oak Hall? Are they getting full meals in the service? When will the Riverview Café be open and when will the rest of dining options be open?

Oak Hall is no longer serving as the sole dining service location. Students were served full meals throughout the storm and all dining facilities are expected to do so as they open. Dining has resumed the following operational schedules:

  • Riverview Cafe opens for brunch and dinner Sunday and Monday and resumes normal operations and hours on Tuesday.
  • Starbucks opens normal Sunday and Monday hours.
  • Waves opens normal operations Sunday and Monday hours.
  • Currents, River House and Chik-fil-a remain closed.
When can non-residential students use Riverview Café?

Dining services will be open to any student with a meal plan. Faculty and staff should not return to campus until Tuesday.

Is the campus alcohol ban still in place? When does it expire?

The alcohol ban is lifted for those of legal age and is subject to the rules of the individual residential halls. Please refer to the Green Pages student handbook.

Are there activities for the students?

RA’s are on site and planning activities. Students interested in helping with campus cleanup can meet from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. on Monday in front of Kinne Center.

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Cars and Access

When can students move their cars back to north campus?

Students are welcome to return to their assigned residential spaces. However, we continue to encourage students to park in areas away from trees.

Are roads clear to campus?

The roads in Arlington to campus are clear.

Will parking be back to normal for Tuesday?


Are any roads blocked or expected to be closed on campus on Tuesday?


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Classes, Meetings, and Academic Schedules

Will there be any classes Monday night?

No. All classes are cancelled for Monday and will resume on Tuesday.

Are meetings and rehearsals cancelled for Monday as well?

Yes. It is important to allow facilities to work to prepare the campus for reopening on Tuesday and so all classes, meetings and other activity on campus, except as otherwise noted, are cancelled and will resume Tuesday.

When do online classes resume? I did not have power to access my online class?

As local power fluctuations remain intermittent, administration of online classes remains with the course instructors. Be sure to check the course home page periodically for any updates.

Will students have to make up days?

Professors are prepared to offer a full, complete semester of coursework as planned. Additional meetings, seminars, labs and the like will be scheduled by professors with students on a course by course basis to make sure learning opportunities meet full expectations.

Will we have extra time to complete assignments?

This is up to your individual professors. Please contact them for more information.

Will any classes be moved?

The significant majority of classes will resume in their normal location and students should report to their originally assigned classrooms. Although damage has been minor to our buildings, there is a chance that a very small number of classes will be relocated while those repairs are made. Notification will go out to students for any classes affected.

Will midterm exam dates be affected?

Your midterm exam dates are unlikely to change; however, you should check with your individual instructors.

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Admissions Tours, Orthodontic Clinic, Public Events

Will there be admissions tours this week?

Admissions tours will resume Tuesday under the normal schedule.

Is the orthodontics clinic open on Monday?

No. All appointments for Monday are cancelled. The clinic will reopen for normal operations on Tuesday.

Are the on-campus athletic competitions scheduled for this week still on?

Beginning on Tuesday, the University plans to resume normal operations including athletic events.

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