Archive: Hurricane Matthew Update #1

Saturday, October 1, 2016, at 11:30 a.m.

Jacksonville University's Emergency Readiness Team has been monitoring Hurricane Matthew in the Caribbean. Right now, the storm is classified as a category 4 by the National Hurricane Center.

At this time, the forecast takes Matthew through Jamaica Sunday night and Monday, then farther north. Please note that the storm does not pose an immediate threat to us; however, it is important to note the projected path as it pertains to us here in Jacksonville could change dramatically — and many times — between now and the middle of next week. Given the size of the storm, we could experience inclement weather from the outermost bands of Matthew as early as Tuesday.

We will be closely monitoring the storm's progress throughout the coming days, and we will post updates as new information regarding the storm's impact on us bechomes available.

In the event of an emergency, notifications and alerts will be broadcast immediately via a combination of any of the following communication channels: