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Virtual Information Session

Join us for a virtual information session with University leadership on Thursday, April 2, at 12:00 p.m. EDT on Blackboard.


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General Questions

The Jacksonville University campus is closed, and you are encouraged to work remotely through Thursday, April 30. Please consult with your direct supervisor regarding working remotely and accessing campus. If you are one of the essential personnel directly supporting the students who will be staying on campus, please work with your supervisor to determine how frequently you need to be on campus to fulfill your responsibilities, and how to accomplish your work as safely as possible.

Please note that, if you have returned from China, Europe, Iran, Italy, South Korea, the United Kingdom or Ireland in the last two weeks, you will not be permitted on campus.

To quote the Center for Public Heath Initiatives at the University of Pennsylvania, “people should avoid gathering in public places, people should be home as much as possible.” Moreover, the CDC recommends staying 6-10 feet away from others at all times in public spaces. We should all be limiting social contact and social engagements. 

All staff will continue to be paid as scheduled.

Remote work is scheduled to continue through Wednesday, April 15. A subcommittee of the Emergency Preparedness Team is meeting daily to review the latest information and the latest recommendations from the CDC and federal, state, and local leaders. Please monitor your email closely for updates and announcements from this team moving forward.

Yes, all events are canceled until further notice.

In line with new guidance from the CDC, anyone who has traveled in the last two weeks to China, Europe, Iran, Italy, South Korea, the United Kingdom or Ireland will not be permitted on campus. Those returning from cruises should self-monitor their health (off  campus if possible) and practice social distancing. As a reminder, if you have travelled internationally in the past two weeks, or plan to travel internationally, please fill out this online form

Academics & Education

At this time, all courses will be delivered virtually through the end of Summer I (June 20).

You should not feel that you are being asked to replicate your face-to-face classroom experience as that may not be possible in many cases. Instead, think about the material, skills, and abilities your students will need to succeed in subsequent courses and how you can best prepare them. 

Please conduct all advising remotely, via email, phone, or text.

Yes, all Study Abroad and Away programs are canceled until further notice.

Students should be encouraged to adhere to social distancing. If they are not comfortable completing their internship hours, then you should create alternative assignments for them.

All on-site service-learning activities should halt for the remainder of the spring semester.

The Office of Academic Affairs recommends that faculty modify service-learning components to additional reflection or activities that can be accomplished in virtual format (completion of background research project for a community partner, recorded fine art performance, software programming, etc.). Students who complete the restructured SL activities will earn the passing grade for service-learning credit. Students who choose not to do the restructured SL activities will have the service-learning (JU 408) removed for spring term.

An article by Michael and Williams 2013 talks about how to discourage cheating in online courses. Surprisingly, this is not as much about catching the students who cheat, but more about reminding students that the value of their degree lies in the assumption that they actually learned. Along with that is setting up an environment that encourages learning, not just grades.

The Writing Center will be shifting to electronic submissions only, which can be sent to Tutors will be monitoring this email address, and they are hoping for a 48-hour turnaround on all submissions.

S/U Grading Option

No. The S/U option has no impact on the GPA.

They can declare the S/U option through the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Declaration eForm. eForms are located in My JU.

Yes, the S/U option is open to graduating seniors; however, if they need to raise their GPA above a 2.0, they should not select the S/U option, because it will not help raise their GPA.

If you earn a grade of S (equivalent to a D or higher), you will receive credit for the course. For courses that do not have a minimum grade, you will satisfy the requirement on your degree audit.

The Registrar’s Office will collect letter grades from faculty members. If you are in a course that requires a minimum grade we will look at the letter grade submitted by your instructor. If that grade meets the minimum grade required, the course will be satisfied with an S grade. If you do not meet the minimum grade required, you will be required to repeat the course but will have an S grade (if a D or higher is earned) on your transcript with no impact to your GPA.

No, the policies are different. Pass/fail has to be declared by the end of add/drop, and the failing grade is calculated in your GPA. The S/U option does not impact your GPA and can be declared through April 17.

No. This option is only available to undergraduate students. To avoid any potential issues with accreditation and regulatory boards, the S/U option is not available to graduate students. If you are a graduate student who needs assistance with online course work, it is recommended you reach out to your advisor and/or your instructor.

No, this option is only available for the Spring 2020 term.

Virtual Town Halls

We held a virtual Town Hall with University leadership on March 19. (Length: 38:22)

We held a virtual Town Hall about housing on March 19. (Length: 20:42)