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Division of Social Sciences

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Gooding Building
2800 University Blvd N
Jacksonville, FL 32211

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Mon – Fri, 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


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Dr. Steven MacIsaac

Associate Professor of Political Science

Social Science

Email address  smacisa@ju.edu
Telephone number  (904) 256-7217
Office location  Gooding Bldg., 217


  • Ph.D., M.A., M.S., Utah State University

​Fields Of Study

  • Comparative politics
  • Asian politics
  • International relations
  • International political economy

​Courses Taught

  • International Politics (POL 208)
  • International Organizations (POL 301)
  • International Political Economy
  • National Security Policy (POL 314)
  • East Asian Politics
  • Southeast Asia (POL 325)
  • Vietnam (POL 326)
  • The Philippines (POL 327)
  • American Foreign Policy (POL 403)
  • Politics in Film

​Selected Publications, Awards, And Service

  • "Maintaining the Colony: The Philippine Commonwealth and the Tydings-Kocialkowski Act of 1939," The Selected Annual Proceedings of the Florida Conference of Historians (14) 2007. Winner of the Campbell Award for the best paper of 2006.
  • "Three Strikes You’re Out: American Imperialism, the Huk Rebellion and the Failed Amnesty of 1948." Pilipinas: A Journal of Philippine Studies (38) March 2002. (Appeared in 2004).
  • "The Struggle for Economic Development in the Philippine Commonwealth, 1935-1940." Philippine Studies (50:2) Spring 2002.
  • "Dependent States and Development Coalitions: The Politics of Import and Exchange Control in the Philippines, 1935-1950." Southeast Review of Asian Studies (18) 1996.
  • Review: The Transformation of Chinese Socialism, by Lin Chun. New Political Science: A Journal of Politics and Culture (29:1) 2007.
  • Review: After Postcolonialism: Remapping Philippines-United States Confrontations, E. San Juan Jr., Journal of Asian and African Studies (38:1) 2003.
  • Review: Embedded Autonomy: States and Industrial Transformation, Peter Evans, Asian Thought and Society (61) 1996.
  • "Evaluation of PISA's Mid-Career Training Program at the Institute of International Relations in Hanoi." A Report to the Ford Foundation and the Program for International Studies in Asia, September 28, 1998.
  • "Report on the Program in International Political Economy in Southeast Asia," conducted for the Institute of International Relations, Hanoi. September 9 - October 18, 1996; and on the short course in International Political Economy, conducted for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ho Chi Minh City, November 4-November 8, 1996. A Report to the Ford Foundation and the Program for International Studies in Asia, December 31, 1996.
  • "Brave New World: Facing the Market in Vietnam." Report on the Program in International Political Economy at the Institute of International Relations, Hanoi, Vietnam. September 19-December 9, 1994. A Report to the Ford Foundation and the Program for International Studies in Asia, January 6, 1994.
  • Irvine Diversity Grant: 2000. Curriculum grant for a course in Philippine studies.
  • University of Michigan: 1997. Center for South and Southeast Asian Studies Research Grant
  • Editorial Board, NCUR, 2011
  • Debating Globalization: Youth Perspectives on the Global Economic and Social Order. (Global Youth Action Network: Paris, France) 2005.
  • Treasurer, Florida Conference of Historians, 2005-2009.