​The Davis College of Business actively seeks out partner institutions within the international community to hold student exchanges, faculty collaborative research, faculty exchanges, short-term trips and connections with International businesses. The institutions below are schools in which we have agreements with around the globe.

City of Glasglow College

City of Glasgow CollegeCity of Glasgow College is Scotland's largest college, with 32,000 students, situated at the City Centre of Glasgow. The school welcomes students from 130 different countries annually due to their cooperative opportunities to interact with the business community in Glasgow. From the colleges' connection with the Chamber of Commerce to large business such as Morgan Stanley and Heineken, business students will have a cultural and business experience in Scotland.​

Students interested in studying in Scotland should contact Dr. Doug Johansen at djohans@ju.edu.

European Business School​​

​​European Business School​​European Business School (EBS) is a private university of ​​​2,000 students located in Oestrich-Winkel, Germany, just outside of Frankfurt. EBS is one of the first private business universities in Germany and has over 200 corporate partners. Both graduate and undergraduate students can study at EB​​​S to further their studies and take advantage of all E​nglish speaking courses. Selected German courses can be taken by all exchange students.

Students interested in studying in Germany should contact Dr. Doug Johansen at djohans@ju.edu.​​

Guangdong University of Finance

Guangdong University of FinanceGuangdong University of Finance (GDUF) is a public university located in Guangzho​u, China. The university consists of 15 departments and has established 23 undergraduate majors, including Finance, Accounting, Insurance and International Economy and Trade, with more than 20,000 full-time students and over 10,000 registered students for continuous education. Students from GDUF attend Jacksonville University as a part of a 2+2 agreement, as the students would complete their final two years of study at JU.

Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

Guangdong University of Foreign StudiesGuangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS) is a major public international university in South China (Guangzhou) with 35,000 students. GDUFS is known for the global-minded faculty and students and the research in areas of trade, culture and strategic studies. The university is housed on four campuses throughout Guangzhou, China. Students from GDUFS attend Jacksonville University as a part of a 2+2 agreement, as the students would complete their final two years of study at JU.

Kingston University

Kingston University is a public research University located within the Royal BoroughKingston University of Kingston upon Thames in South West London, United Kingdom. The University specializes in the arts, design, fashion, science, engineering and business. For 6 years, Kingston University has been voted as the top University in the United Kingdom for graduate business start-ups, it was also voted as the Guardian 2017 Teaching Excellence Award.

National Taipei University

National Taipei University​​​​National Taipei University (NTPU) is a university of 12,000 located outside of Taipei, Taiwan in New Taipei City, Taiwan. The new 54-acre campus includes modern academic build​ings, gardens and a man-made lake. NTPU is known for their law and business schools in Taiwan and the greater Far East Asian educational community.​ Free Mandarin Chinese lessons are offered for non-native speakers studying at NTPU.​​​​

Students interested in studying in Taiwan should contact Dr. George Gresham at ggresha1@ju.edu.

​Shanghai International Studies University

Shanghai International Studies UniversityShanghai International Studies University (SISU) is an internationally recognized, prestigious academic institution distinctive for its multidisciplinary and multicultural nature. JU and Xianda College of Economics & Humanities have a 3+2 joint program, in which Xianda senior students spend two years at JU to earn bachelor and master’s degrees​. ​A total undergraduate and graduate enrollment of just over 9,000 students, SISU is committed to preparing innovative professionals and future global leaders for a wide range of international expertise to address the critical challenges of our times.Their motto of “Integrity, Vision and Academic Excellence” is infused throughout their campuses in ​Shanghai, China. JU and SISU have a joint program of 1+3 where SISU students spend their freshmen year at SISU and the next 3 years at JU.

Shanghai Normal University

Shanghai Normal UniversityShanghai Normal University (SHNU) is a public university of about 29,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students in Shanhai City, China. This liberal arts university began as a teaching institution, but has expanded into a variety of academic areas including: Economics, Management, Law and Tourism. A university consisting of 16 different colleges and 81 research institutions, SHNU is a key institution in the greater Shanghai area and beyond.

University of Highlands and Islands

University of Highlands and Islands​​​​The University of Highlands and Islands (UHI) is a national system of 14 colleges and research centres located in the Northern Highlands of Scotland. With the main campus located in Inverness, UHI offers campuses which specialize in different areas of academics. From business to marine science, UHI offers a natural, supportive enviornment for exchange students to study. UHI's Inverness campus is located near a local entrepreneurial incubator due to the high emphasis on entrepreneurism and venture development.

Students interested in studying in Scotland should contact Dr. Doug Johansen at djohans@ju.edu.​​​

Waseda University

Waseda University  is a Japanese private research University in Shinjuku, Tokyo. WasedaThis University is organized into 36 departments: 13 undergraduate schools and 23 graduate schools and has consistently ranked as one of the most academically selective and prestigious universities in Japan. The central campus, located in Shinjuku, operates 21 research institutes. The Waseda University Library is collectively one of the largest libraries in Japan and currently holds 4.5 million volumes and 46,000 serials.