Business Information Systems

The Business Information Systems major (BIS) is designed for students who want to be at the intersection between business and technology. BIS majors develop the technical knowledge necessary to supply organizations information to make crucial strategic decisions.

The BIS curriculum teaches students strategies and techniques to analyze, design, and implement information systems to solve organizational problems effectively. This major provides students with the background needed to understand the impact information systems have on the business enterprise.

The BIS major combines the core business skills from the Davis College of Business and technology skills from the Department of Computing Science to create a graduate who can succeed in a technological career within a business environment. Students interested in BIS must possess strong quantitative skills as well as a passion for computers and technology.

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This program is available as a major. Future Dolphins, learn more from your admissions officer. Current Dolphins, talk to your academic advisor for more information.

Career Opportunities

Business Information Systems (BIS) career options are quite diverse. They provide a blend of business and technical knowledge to be successful in an ever-changing business environment. BIS majors, who are diversely educated in multidiscipline, are highly sought after by employers. The ability to apply computing knowledge across a variety of business occupations will prepare students to take advantage of numerous corporate or small business positions. BIS majors will have opportunities inside and outside of IT, some leading to senior-level management or executive positions. This major is also known to cultivate internships, which can turn into full-time employment opportunities, even before you are a JU graduate.