Joint Programs

A joint business degree and Florida Coastal School of Law degree is a perfect example of making the best of two fields of study. There are over thirty Music Business majors​ alone, for example.

3/3 Bachelor of Arts - Juris Doctor Degree​

The 3/3 program will allow selected JU students to enter Florida Coastal School of Law after completing only three years of undergraduate study and earn both a baccalaureate and a Juris Doctor degree in six years. During the fourth year, students are essentially dually-enrolled in both bachelor’s and Juris Doctor programs. Contact Professor Steve​n MacIsaac at (904) 256-7217 or email at

Bachelor of Science - Music Business​

Jacksonville University is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music. Our esteemed music degree programs are designed to meet a variety of student needs—for those who wish to teach, enter the music business industry, perform professionally in theatre and concert settings, or attend graduate school. We offer a year-round concert series, a dozen vocal and instrumental performing groups, and a well-rounded and academically challenging curriculum.​

The Bachelor of Science (BS) degree with a concentration in Music Business is a generalist degree in music business. Students are also required to complete an option in management, marketing, or music technology. This degree prepares students for careers in the music business or for further advanced study.​​ Learn more about the BS in Music Business at the College of Fine Arts.​