Jacksonville University’s Bachelors plus Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program allows you to earn your bachelors and MBA in just five years of continuous study.  This program is designed for highly-motivated high school students entering Jacksonville University with interests in any major who at least have a high school GPA of 3.5 and SAT Critical Reading and Math scores totaling at least 1200 (ACT 27).  If qualified, students will be conditionally admitted to the Accelerated (Full-time Day) MBA program when they apply as a high school senior.  Students must maintain a 3.3 cumulative GPA in their undergraduate studies to maintain their acceptance in the Accelerated MBA program.

Qualified students seeking the 4+1 Bachelors/MBA will be required to complete an online Accelerated MBA application prior to November 1st of the student’s senior year.  The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or Graduate Record Examination (GRE) test requirement will be waived upon submission of a JU undergraduate GPA of 3.3 or higher.  An application will not be recognized as complete until the Davis College of Business Graduate Admissions office has received the following:

  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • Resume
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Transcript showing the final grades of the fall semester courses for that senior year​

Any student not meeting the entering GPA and SAT requirements as new freshman may still apply for the Accelerated MBA program.  They must maintain a GPA of at least 3.0 and obtain an acceptable GMAT or GRE test score. The GMAT or GRE would need to be taken during the beginning of the senior year.

The Davis MBA builds on a foundation of core business knowledge, while making development of your leadership skills a priority.  Be mentored by some of Jacksonville’s leading business professionals and gain additional hands-on work experience with internships.  Leave the program with a solid business prowess and portfolio of demonstrated leadership knowledge and skills.  In a cohort-based program of colleagues from around the region and world, teamwork is a way of life in getting things done.  The program draws upon:

  • Cutting-edge courses delivered in intensive 8-week long modules
  • Strong commitment to develop leadership knowledge and skills
  • Dedicated faculty with the highest academic qualifications
  • Modern classrooms and technologies located in an inspiring facility at JU
  • Focus on practical and engaging business concepts which put students to work

Why do the Bachelors + MBA Program?

  1. Earn two degrees in just 5 years! Do not wait, get your education now!
  2. Plan for the future. Have security in knowing where you will earn your Bachelor and Master degrees from day 1.
  3. Waive the GMAT/GRE requirement! Most Masters Programs require a GMAT or GRE for admission but with this 4+1 program that requirement is waived!
  4. Top Accreditations! Jacksonville University is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).  The Davis College of Business is also accredited by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) – the highest international accreditation a business school anywhere in the world can receive!
  5. More competitive in the workforce. These days more and more people earn their Bachelor’s degree but the way to differentiate yourself is with an MBA.
  6. Earn a versatile degree. The concepts and theories you learn in the MBA program can be used in so many fields. Of course an MBA will help you in the corporate world, but your management and leadership skills can be applied to any field!​

Earn your Bachelor and Master degrees now! Apply today!

To find out if you qualify for admission to the 4+1 Program, please contact the Office of Admissions at admissions@ju.edu or 800.225.2027.

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