Work-Life Balance

SoTL in 10 minutes

Every day this week, SoTL in 10 minutes will focus on a different subset of faculty and that ever elusive work-life balance.  Just because you aren’t a member that day’s focus group doesn’t mean the links and articles don’t apply to you, so check them all out.

Today – new faculty

From the UCLA Faculty Diversity and Development office.  Very comprehensive, divided into logical sections, bulleted summaries throughout.

Junior faculty

Though written by a junior faculty in a medical school, his advice is universal and sound.

Tenured faculty

The National Institute for Faculty Equity has a page of organized links to help the tenured professor get past the high of T&P and into a productive and fruitful career.  After tenure is not a time to ramp it down, it is a time to be focused in ramping it up – but with balance.  Beyond Tenure and Balancing your life

Women and Minorities

Sometimes members of this group:

  • Are asked to serve because they are a woman or a minority (or both)
  • Feel they have to do it all – supermom syndrome
  • Feel like they have something to prove

Here are a couple of perspectives to help keep you sane!

Women and Women

Minorities and Minorities