Apps SotL in 10 Minutes

The Best Apps

I am an Apple person (iPhone and iPad), which means I can test or play with these apps. Most apps also have Droid version, but you might have to do a bit more searching. I’d love to hear what apps you like – come on, share with the group! First is a video from Colgate University that walks you briefly (an obnoxious buzzer every 2 minutes) through the top 10 apps for iPad for college professors.

The Best Apps Again – Because everyone has an opinion

This blogger has organized his top 30 app list by academic purpose: Writing, Reading, Thinking, Presenting and Organizing. Be sure to share them with your students – they have just as many toys as we do!

Smart Phones as Clickers

The CTL has two sets of classroom clickers. Great, but you can’t all check them out and use them every day. And your department doesn’t have the funds to buy a set. But many of your students carry around the technological capability in their pockets.

The clickers, and the software, afford you a lot more flexibility and data collecting power – but these might be cheap and easy ways to see if this is something you want to invest your time in. And remember, you can pass the cost of the clickers to the students. The bookstore can sell the clicker units; the app for Turning Technologies (CTL) works on a subscription basis.

iPads in Lab

I recognize that this may not apply to all of you, but with very little time spent searching, I have found wonderful apps that I and/or my students can use in the lab in lieu of “actual” equipment.

  • Flashlight/eyelight
  • Metronome
  • Periodic table of the elements
  • Audiometer (all the others are free, this one cost $40 but it has been clinically tested)
  • Tuning fork

What do you wish you had – more of, better quality, more options?  Spend some time in your app store and you might be surprised what you find. If only 1/3 of your students have smart phones or tablets, you can do an awful lot.

Bonus info – thank you to Brian Lane for sharing this link to some Google apps that could be useful to you and your students.