What is SoTL in 10 minutes?

SoTL in 10 minutes is a daily email from the CTL. Why? Because:

  • ​It is only 10 minutes - focusing on faculty development and/or the scholarship of teaching and learning.

  • Teaching is a major component of what we do.

  • It is a craft that needs constant attention, just like our discipline.

  • With all we are tasked to do, sometimes it is easier if the information comes directly to you.

  • Now you can't really do SoTL in 10 minutes a day - but one of these days that spark of inspiration you had been waiting for might be in your inbox!

The menu contains archives of these emails, organized by topic and theme. They are periodically recycled and updated through the daily email - but always here for you to review, explore and grow. And of course, I welcome any suggestions for new topics or improving existing ones!