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Payment Policy

It is University policy that all charges for tuition, fees, room, and board are due and payable in full by the scheduled deadline of each term of enrollment. Additional charges to the student's account after registration are due in accordance with published schedules each semester, and are generally due at the time the change is made. All requirements, obligations, terms, and conditions contained in the most recent Jacksonville University Academic Catalog, including financial obligations, as well as the current issue of Jacksonville University’s student handbook (the “Green Pages”) are part of the student’s agreement in registering for the attendance at Jacksonville University.  Upon registration, all requirements, obligations, terms, and conditions contained in the Academic Catalog as well as the student handbook must be adhered to.  Jacksonville University has the right and may employ any or all of the following actions in order to collect unpaid student account balances:  using written, electronic, or verbal means of contact as the law allows, including, but not limited to, contact by manual calling methods, prerecorded or artificial voice messages, emails, and/or automated telephone dialing systems, contact by telephone at any telephone number associated with the account, currently or in the future, including wireless telephone numbers, and authorization to record telephone calls regarding the account in assurance of quality and/or other reasons.  Failure to pay a student account by the published deadline(s), may result in the account being placed with a collection agency and/or for legal action.  If such action(s) is/are taken, students will be required to pay all collection fees (up to 33%) & costs, attorney fees & costs, and/or any other fees/costs incurred as the result of the collection of any amount not paid.

Jacksonville University’s Tuition Payment Plan

***Tuition payment plans apply only to future term balances.  Any term balance that is considered past due should be paid in full immediately to avoid collections placement.*** 

Only students classified as Traditional Undergraduates are eligible to participate in the tuition payment plan.


JU Tuition payment plans are term specific.  Registration charges must be incurred for the tuition payment plan to be activated.  They must also have completed their housing and meal plan contract with the Residential Life Office, if applicable.  A new application will be required each term.  Applications for future terms will be available at the appropriate times.


The amount to finance will be determined by the total amount of tuition, room (if applicable), board (if applicable), and student health insurance (if applicable) less Financial Aid (scholarships, grants, and/or loans), Pre-Paid or 529 plans, sponsorships, etc.  Financial Aid and other resources must be in a status that is considered a pending resource; these are indicated on your Financial Aid Award Letter or on your Student Account Statement as an anticipated or disbursed credit.  In order for your monthly payment to calculate correctly, all financial aid documents, certifications, verifications, loan entrances and promissory notes must be completed.*


If you are participating in a study abroad, please be advised that travel expenses cannot be financed through a tuition payment plan.  Payment in full is required.  This includes but is not limited to, the payment or financing of your total tuition, room board, and student health insurance (if applicable), as well as payment in full for your travel expenses directly to JU to bring your term balance to $0.00. 


If you are an Aviation Management and Flight Operations (AVO) Major, please be advised that flight fees cannot be financed through a tuition payment plan.  Payment in full for your flight course is required to authorize a "clearance to fly."  A "clearance to fly" includes, but is not limited to, the payment or financing of your total tuition, room board, and student health insurance (if applicable), as well as payment in full for your flight course directly to JU to bring your term balance to $0.00. 



Payments are subject to change based on registration activity, room and board adjustments, OR any changes to your financial aid package.  Monthly statements will be mailed to the student's permanent address on record unless otherwise specified on the application.  Account Status is also available on the web via WebAdvisor or Parent Access to WebAdvisor.   


Payments may be mailed, made at the Cashier's Window, or processed online.  Please specify when making a payment online that your payment is for your tuition payment plan.  Delinquent payments will result in the cancellation of the payment plan and the accrual of finance charges based on the past due balance at the time of cancellation. 

Make a Payment Online

Jacksonville University now accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards for tuition, fees, room, board, tuition payment plan, and other related expenses. JU will continue to offer an electronic check payment option as well. There are no additional fees for these services.


To make a payment please log on to WebAdvisor or Parent Access to WebAdvisor and click the “Make a Payment” link under the Financial Information profile.  Once this page loads, you will have the option to “Pay on My Account,” “Pay on My Payment Plan,” or pay towards other related expenses.
Visit and click the MyJU tab at the top right for Student and Parent access to WebAdvisor.


Routing instructions to Fifth Third Bank:
Jacksonville University Operating Account # - 7450332627
ABA Routing / Wiring # - 042000314
International SWIFT # - FTBCUS3CXXX
Orthodontics Account Number # - 7450440073

To expedite posting, please call the Controller’s office at (904) 256-7080 or email to with:
• Date transferred
• Student Name
• Student Number
• Amount of Transfer
• Where transferred from