Faculty Information

How to participate

Faculty participation is completely voluntary, and there are a broad range of possibilities from the individual level to the department/division/college level. Possibilities include:

  • The development of a dedicated “Core Seminar” or other special topics course related to the semester’s theme
  • Sponsoring a related campus event (e.g., a film screening and discussion, a guest speaker, a creative exhibit or performance, or a panel discussion)
  • Simply adding a single theme-related assignment to an existing course and/or offering an extra credit opportunity connected with a theme-related campus event

Interested in more information?

Contact one of the CONFLUENCE faculty team members:

  • Dr. Michelle Edmonds (BRCHS)  
  • Dr. Jay Ivey (CFA)  
  • Dr. Jim Mirabella (DCOB) 
  • Dr. Joana Owens (CAS/Humanities Division)
  • Dr. Huihui Wang (CAS/Science & Math Division)