Confluence Curriculum

Participating Courses

Curricular components range from whole courses built around the theme to the inclusion of individual theme-related units or assignments in other offerings. For more information, contact the instructor listed for each course.

  • ART 205/304/376: Intro to Digital Photography/Color Photography/Shooting Like the Masters
    Ginger Sheridan, Associate Professor of Photography
  • ART 276: Special Topics in Studio Art: The Art of War
    Nicholas McNally, Assistant Professor of Art in Illustration
  • BIOL 308: Principles of Immunology
    Kara Conway, Assistant Professor of Biology
  • ENGL 189: Core Seminar: War in Young Adult Fiction
    Sandra Coyle, Professor of English and Interim Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
  • GEOG/POL/SOC 341WI: Writing in the Social Sciences
    Shelley Grant, Instructor of Sociology
  • HUM 399: Special Topics: Humanities Through Film--Experience of War
    Joana Owens, Professor of Humanities
  • PHIL 189: Core Seminar: The Just War Tradition
    Erich Freiberger, Professor of Philosophy
  • PHIL 189: Core Seminar: Philosophies of Peace
    Scott Kimbrough, Professor of Philosophy
  • PHYS 151: General Physics: Mechanics
    Ramesh Adhikari, Assistant Professor of Physics
  • POL 189: Core Seminar: War, Peace, and Exploitation
    Steven MacIsaac, Associate Professor of Political Science