Majors and Programs of Computing Science

The Department of Computing Science will offer three majors:
  • Computing Science
  • Information Systems
  • Cybersecurity


Majors: Computing Science

The Computing Science major is designed to prepare students with a strong programming foundation and a broad perspective of the discipline. Graduates are at work as systems analysts, systems engineers, programmers, project leaders and management information specialists.

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Majors: Information Systems

The Information Systems program is designed to provide students with a strong academic background in computing within the context of an increasingly technology-driven society. Graduates will demonstrate fundamental competency in the core topics of computer science and also demonstrate knowledge in another area so they can apply their computing understanding to that area.

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Majors: Cybersecurity

The Cybersecurity major is designed to prepare students with a strong background of computer networks and the best practices to protect information transfer and storage. Graduates are trained to work as network administrators, penetration testers, digital forensics analysts, and network security analysts. This program will also help prepare students for numerous industry certificates offered by leading organizations in cybersecurity, such as Cisco, CompTIA, CERT, and Global Information Assurance Certificate, and are approved by NICCS.


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Minors: Computer Science

Minors are offered in Computing Science and Cybersecurity, but not in Information Systems. Students who wish to double major (or minor) in Computing Science or Information Systems and Cybersecurity will only be allowed to double count courses specifically required for both programs. Upper division electives may not be counted toward both programs simultaneously. 

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