Requirements to Expend EPIC Funds

  1. Complete a charter per attachment.
  2. Utilize Blackboard as the project management platform. All documents/pictures must be uploaded in Blackboard (versus Zoho)
  3. Be prepared to present project to a panel of community leaders once per semester. (During the Spring Semester, this event may be substituted with the JU Symposium.)
  4. Provide photos of milestones/progress of equipment/students quarterly (these will be used for media purposes); All pictures must have names of everyone in image.
  5. Provide a list of all students and faculty participating in the project, year of study, major, if graduated – where they are working.
  6. Ensure relevant local industry/business/community is involved with the project.
  7. Utilize the funds by the assigned deadline.
  8. Complete Purchase order request as follows:
    1. PO link:
    2. Completed PO which includes account #, & deliverable (Call Sheri Taylor for details on account # and deliverable)
    3. Include with PO all back up documentation; proposal and quote which matches the PO # amount
    4. Signatures include: person requesting the approved PO, Dean or Division Chair, and VGK signature
    5. Send the completed PO packet to Sheri Taylor. She will make a copy of all documentation and then bring to the Controller’s Office for approval.
    6. Provide copy of invoice to Sheri Taylor as soon as product/items are received.