Goals for EPIC Faculty Project Proposals

The EPIC Program at Jacksonville University is seeking proposals for projects that will further the University’s goal to create more interdisciplinary collaboration to mimic what occurs in a real world environment.  Proposals will be evaluated and preference for funding given to those proposals that promote interdisciplinary learning through one or more of the following mechanisms: 

  1. Recognizing that problems in the real world are typically solved in an interdisciplinary way, using people from different disciplines to work collaboratively to come up with a creative solution to solve a shared problem, the proposal develops and trains students through one or more of the following: 
    1. Interdisciplinary collaboration which allows students to be conversant in one or more disciplines other than their own;
    2. Utilizing real world problems to promote divergent thinking leading to creative solutions;
    3. Infusing liberal arts education, including critical thinking skills, into the professional training students receive in STEM, health sciences, and business programs;
    4. Fostering collaborative relationships with faculty from other departments and colleges to co-design and co-deliver curricula. 
  1. The proposal expands the learning eco-system beyond the boundaries of JU’s campus by creating and fostering partnerships for the benefit of students. This is demonstrated by the outside organization in one or more of the following:
    1. Presenting real world problems for use in the JU course or project;
    2. Providing mentors for students participating in the project proposal;
    3. Providing students with field-based learning experiences.

       3. The proposal identifies metrics for measuring success of the interdisciplinary project,             including but not limited to student learning and engagement. In addition, the                           proposal identifies key milestones and anticipated learning outcomes. 

       4. The proposal is likely to involve a significant number of students and faculty.

       5. The proposal is likely to lead to a positive impact on JU’s reputation.

       6. The project will be published/presented within and outside the JU Community.