Perception in Action Ongoing Project

With the associated costs of pilot training combined with the need to ensure effective pilot training and development, the goal of the collaboration with aviation and nursing is to better understand how pilots in training are effected by stress and the potential deleterious implications of said stress on skill acquisition and decision making. This project looks into the effects of stress induced by sleep deprivation on multiple cognitive factors in flight simulator task, with a shared interest in the psychophysiological correlates (brain waves, eye-tracking, and heart rate) of decision-making under stress.


  • Experience with EEG, Eye-Tracking, Heart Rate, and Flight simulator equipment provides invaluable exposure to students, advancing their skill sets in their kinesiology, psychology, or occupational therapy studies.
  • Learn how to construct a study, operate eye-tracking software along with the appropriate analysis.
  • Learn the intricacies of measuring brain wave activity via the use of Electroencephalogram (EEG).
  • High speed video capture supports the use of visual feedback for training
  • Use of the Perception-In-Action lab in the Kinesiology department to test training protocols and data analysis.

Professors/Disciplines Involved

  • Derek Mann, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Kinesiology
  • Heather Hausenblas, Ph.D., Professor of Kinesiology
  • Christopher Robertson, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Program Director of Kinesiology
  • Chad Kendall, Assistant Professor of Aeronautic
  • Michael Justiss, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Director of Occupational Therapy
  • Brady DeCouto, graduate student from the Kinesiology department