Athletic Performance Enhancement Ongoing Project

An athlete’s physical prowess is a major factor in his/her performance. Research demonstrates that psychological factors, such as the speed and accuracy of an athlete’s decision-making, separate top performers from others. The project would determine if the decision-making of top athletes can be replicated in other athletes to improve their athletic performance. It will also help develop a valid and reliable sport training simulation and learning protocol that will increase the rate of decision making proficiency in novice and near-expert athletes to match the information acquisition, cues utilization, and decision making strategies of much superior athletes.


  • create a simulated performance environment and record the eye-tracking behaviors, physical movements and decision making tendencies of the experts in action.
  • differentiate relative expert and novice performers characteristics and how they  translate to enhanced decision making.
  • Mobile eye-tracking technology lend itself to an unparalleled insights into cognitive processes underlying attention, learning, and memory.