Sociology is the systematic study and explanation of the full range of social relations, encompassing a consideration of intimate, as well as impersonal, institutional, and societal relations. The critical-analytical skills and knowledge acquired in sociology courses can inform, empower and enrich everyone’s participation in their everyday lives. Sociology majors, whether pursuing a BA or BS degree, receive preparation for graduate studies and professional schools, as well as for a broad range of careers in education, social research in the public or private sector, social services, family counseling, gerontology and criminal justice. Along with regular courses, and those offered on special topics of current interest, a variety of internships are available in social services, counseling and criminal justice.




Code Course  Credit 
 SOC 203 Introductory Sociology  3
 SOC 211 Quantitative Methods for the Social Sciences
(As required)
 SOC 420WI Methods of Social Research  3
 SOC 450 Sociological Theory  3
 SOC xxx Additional sociology courses  18
 XXX  xxx Any speech course  3
   Total:  33




Code Course Credit
SOC 203 Introductory Sociology  3
SOC xxx Other sociology courses (No more than 
three (3) credits in either SOC 488 or SOC 490)
   Total:  15​