Political Science

​   The study of political science enables students to understand how political systems are organized and operate on the local, state, national, and international levels. Majors in political science are prepared for graduate studies as well as a wide variety of professional options including government service, law, business, teaching, research and international relations.



Code​ ​Course ​Credit
​POL 205 American National Government & Politics ​3
​POL 208 International Politics ​3
​POL 211
Quantitative Methods for the Social Sciences 3​
​POL 302 Comparative Political Systems  ​3
​POL 420WI Methods of Social Research ​3
​Subtotal: ​15

Additional Requirements:​

​​Code ​Course ​Credit
​POL xxx Additional 300-400 level political science courses   ​18
​XX xxx Any speech course ​3
​Subtotal: ​21
​Total: ​36



   ​A minor in political science consists of 15 credit hours of political science courses, including POL 205, nine hours of which must be numbered above 300.​