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Escape the classroom! This is a unique 5-week opportunity to discover Paris through the arts and languages. Take studio arts and French language courses while spending the summer in Paris. All levels of Artistic and Language ability will be accommodated. Paris Live is a unique study abroad program where the 'City of Lights' is your classroom. This program is for students with no French language experience as well as those at the intermediate level. Students can enroll in a combination of French language, photography, painting, and art history courses.

Program Highlights

        Study in the heart of France - Paris 
         Live with a French family or in a dorm 
         Study under JU faculty 
         Earn 6-9 hrs. of US credit 
         Make Paris your classroom 
         Explore Louis XIV's Palace in Versailles, 
         JU Faculty Ginger Sheridan and Ron Gibbons 
         Courses available in French and Art  


Photography in Paris:Shooting like the Masters:

Paris is the birthplace of photography, making it an ideal setting in which to develop skills and historical knowledge of the art of photography.

Mixed Media in Paris—Displacement and Discovery:

This course will use multiple alternative photographic methods to artistically explore the alteration of perception due to travel.

Painting in “Plein Air”:

“Plein Air” means “in open air” but has come to mean any painting that is done outside the confines of the studio. In this course the city itself will be your studio.

The Art and Architecture of Paris:

Make the city itself your classroom studying the origins and history of beautiful parks, buildings and museums. French Language—Beginning/Intermediate  


Escape the classroom! International Education Programs Summer in Florence is a unique introductory program for students interested in Italy, its rich culture, and history. No prerequisites are required. Students can enroll in two courses in the arts, social sciences and business. International Education Programs Summer in Florence is an introductory program for students interested in Italy, its rich culture and history. No prerequisites are required to participate in this unique study program. Students can enroll in two courses including Modern Italian History, Art and Thought of the Renaissance and Introductory Italian Language.  

Program Highlights

         Summer in Florence, Italy! 
         Fine arts, history, humanities, business and language courses 
         Study in the historical city of Florence, the center of Renaissance. 
         City of Dante and Pinocchio. 
         Crossroad between Venice, Milan and Rome. 
         Earn up to 6 credit hours 
         All courses taught in English 
         Excursions to other Italian cities 
         Taught in English (except for select language/culture courses) 
         Multicultural campus environment 
         Cultural and recreational activities included  


Art History of Italian Renaissance

Photography: Florence: Shooting like the Masters:

The Alinari brothers opened the first photographic studio in Florence in 1852. They were the first firm to realize that great works of art and architecture could be artistically photographed for pleasure as well as profit. These Florentines set the standards for the future of all Italian photography. Whether you are a rank beginner or an accomplished photographer, let the city inspire you in the same direction.

Italian Language and Culture