The Jacksonville University Division of Visual Arts is committed to providing comprehensive degree programs of professionalism and excellence. The programs of study seek to instill in students an understanding of the rich role of art in the human experience and to develop artistic capabilities and aesthetic sensitivity. The majors offered prepare students for entry into careers as professional artists, art educators, or for graduate study.


JU's faculty, with an impressive listing of artistic and scholarly achievements, are dedicated to the success of ​their students. From year one, students practice their craft amid professional venues, undergo yearly reviews with faculty, and as seniors, journey through senior year experience as a cohort with peers. Majors are considered professionals in training and as majors, students have access to studios and personal reflective spaces. Finding individual artistic voice is paramount no matter which studio concentration is chosen. Time in class and in the studio, is the key to understanding artistic intent.


The photography area has a large classroom, 14 enlarger station wet darkroom, separate film processing room, digital lab with Epson printers, studio space and alternative photographic processing area.

Photography offers an individually tailored degree track where students select to pursue commercial focus or fine art photography.


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All BFA Art majors will c​omplete the following:

  • Required art fundamentals and art history core courses listed below.
  • A concentration of 36 credit hours from courses selected from the concentrations offered by the division.


Art Fundamentals

Code Course Credit
ART 100 2-D Art Foundations 4
ART 101 3-D Art Foundations 4
ART 107 Drawing I 3
ART 209 Figure Drawing I 3
​ART 212 Foundations Seminar​ 2​
ART 450WI Senior Seminar I: The Emerging Artist1 3
ART 451SI Senior Seminar II: Visual Presentations2 3
  Subtotal: 22

1. Satisfies Core Curriculum writing-intensive course requirement for BFA Art majors. 
2. Satisfies Core Curriculum speech-intensive course requirement for BFA Art majors.

Art History Core

Code Course Credit
ARH 282 Western Art to 1850 3
ARH 382 20th Century Modern Art to Post-Modern Art 3
ARH xxx Art History Elective 3
  Subtotal: 9


Photography Concentration

Code Course Credit
ARH 306 History of Photography* 3
ART 205 Introduction to Digital Photography* 4
ART 206 Introduction to Film Photography 4
ART 254 Digital Art 3
ART 303 Studio Photography 4
ART 304 Color Photography 4
ART 305 Alternative Processes in Photography 4
ART 306 Photojournalism 4
ART 318 Photographic Printmaking Processes 4
ART 376 Special Topics in Photography 4
ART 387/388/ Independent Study in Photography 1-5
ART 390/490​ ​Art Internship 1-4​


*Courses are required and CANNOT be repeated for credit. All other courses may be repeated once for credit. Students may choose remaining photography courses from list to fulfill the 36 credit hours requirement.​​