The Bachelor of Arts degree in Art offers students the opportunity to explore a liberal arts degree program with a concentration in Illustration. All BA Art majors must complete the following:

  • Required Art Fundamentals courses listed below.
  • A concentration in Illustration of 18-20 credit hours from courses selected from the concentrations offered by the division, under the direction of a visual arts faculty member or division chair.​


Art Fundamentals

Code Course Credit
ART 100 2-D Art Foundations 4
ART 101 3-D Art Foundations 4
ART 107 Drawing I 3
ART 209 Figure Drawing I 3
​ART 212 Foundations Seminar​ 2​
​ARH 282 Western Art to 1850 3​
​ARH 382 Modern Art to Post-Modern Art​ 3​
​ARH xxx Art History Elective​ 3​
                                                                       Subtotal:​ 25​


Illustration Concentration

Code Course Credit
ART 218  Printmaking 4
​ART 254 Digital Art ​3
​ART 341 Illustration Methods 4​
​ART 355 Children's Book Illustration ​ 4​
​ART 356 Editorial Illustration 4​