The Division of Visual Arts is dedicated to providing programs of excellence based on the University Core Curriculum, art and art history fundamental courses, and strong in-depth concentrations within one of the major programs sponsored by the division. The visual arts faculty provides opportunities for all students to discover and learn appreciation for the rich tradition of the visual arts in art history and to study and develop artistic skills, technical capabilities, perceptual knowledge, expertise in design, and aesthetic sensitivity.


​The major in Animation leading to the BFA degree is designed to provide those students passionate about using the computer to breathe life into their artwork with the creative and technical skill sets to do so. Storytelling through sound animation principles is the underlying principle in all that we do, from design, to modeling and through animation to rendering. Majoring in Animation at JU will prepare the successful student to enter the field of Animation in the areas of independent narrative filmmaking, commercial animation and/or animation for games.

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Video of JU student animation work.



Video of Professor Kunzendorf's latest video, "Lathe of God."



All BFA Animation majors will complete the following: 



Code Course  Credit 
ART 100 2-D Art Foundations 4
ART 101 3-D Art Foundations 4
ART 107 Drawing I 3
ART 209 Figure Drawing I 3
​ART 212 Foundations Seminar​ 2​
ART 254 Digital Art 3
ART 263 Web Design 3
ART 490 Art Internship 3
ARH 382 20th Century Modern Art to Post-Modern Art 3
ARH xxx Art History Elective 3
​CS 158 Application Development I​ 4​
​FVA 101 Introduction to Film​ 3​
​FVA 262 3D Modeling & Design​ 3​
FVA 263​ Basic Computer Animation ​ 3​
​FVA 363 Time-Based Art​ 3​
​FVA 364 Character Modeling & Animation​ 3​
​FVA 366 Intermediate Computer Animation​ 3​
​FVA 367 Animation Drawing​ 3​
​FVA 368 Animation Rendering​ 3​
​FVA 462 Advanced Computer Animation ​ 3​
​FVA 480WI Senior Thesis: Fall1 3​
​FVA 481SI Senior Thesis: Spring2 3​
​THEA 113 Acting I​ 3​
                                                                         Total:​ ​71


1. Satisfies Core Curriculum writing-intensive course requirement for Animation majors.
2. Satisfies Core Curriculum speech-intensive course requirement Animation majors.​​