The College of Fine Arts hosts several Open House Days for the potential student to audition. The day begins with an informal presentation that gives a brief overview of the College. Following the general session, each discipline is then lead by their Division Chair to a venue for their audition or portfolio review

The College of Fine Arts welcomes all applicants interested inTheatre to audition. During the process, you will have the opportunity to showcase your talents and to experience firsthand our performance and art facilities.

Please note that you must apply to Jacksonville University before attending an audition or portfolio review, and that you must be accepted to the university before you can be accepted into the College of Fine Arts.


The following are audition requirements and guidelines for auditioning:

  • Prepare 2 two-minute monologues of a contrasting nature. One monologue may be of a dramatic nature and the other a comedic. If you choose to do a classical piece, make sure that they are also of a contrasting nature, i.e. classical/dramatic and contemporary/comedic, or vice versa. Contrast can be demonstrated through type of character and material. Look for selections with contrasts in mood, intention, rhythm, emotional level, content, etc.

  • Be sure to slate your name and the name/character of your pieces. Say, “Hi, my name is __your_name___ and I will be doing character from name of play . Then begin your audition.



  1. Seek roles in your own maturity and emotional range and from material with which you are familiar and feel comfortable. Never attempt an audition monologue without reading the entire play and understanding your character in the context of the play.

  2. Choose pieces that maximize your assets and minimize your weaknesses. Don’t challenge your capabilities in selecting audition materials, but rather pick characters which fit comfortably within your middle range. Above all, do what you do best.

  3. Avoid climactic material which requires great depth or intensity of emotion. There is not enough time to achieve these emotional peaks effectively and honestly. On the other hand, beware of dull and passive pieces which dwell on character or plot exposition. Choose material in which your character is actively involved in overcoming obstacles in order to fulfill an immediate objective or intention. Above all, select pieces which contain active intentions. What does your character want?

  4. Both selections should be self-explanatory with a clear beginning, middle and end. Take liberties in editing for clarity.

  5. Monologues directed to another character are more effective than internal or inner directed soliloquies.

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