Ray Yeager

yeagerBorn in North Florida, Raymond Yeager holds a BFA from Valdosta State University and a MFA from the University of Florida. His mixed-media paintings and installations have been exhibited and critically received in museums and gal­leries throughout the United States. He has taught at several institutions in the Midwest, Southeast, and currently is an Associate Professor of Art at the University of Charleston in Charleston, West Virginia. Yeager’s recent work continues to explore new mediums and revolves around interpreting the abstract visual qualities found in representational imagery. His imagery is created by using a process-oriented form of abstraction. The process begins with sketches, observa­tions and photographs of an actual subject.
The sketches and photographs are digitally manipulated by means of close cropping, dramatic or oblique perspectives, a harsh contrast between figure and ground and bilateral symmetry. After this process, the image is then printed and used as a guide for the paintings. The overall effect of this technique renders an image that is abstract, yet grounded in reality. Turning the ordinary into the strange or ambiguous; turning the familiar into the unfamiliar.​