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Graphic header: Getting Started in your Resume

Having trouble starting a résumé?

Start with several pieces of blank paper. List the headings for each section, and begin with the last section first, working backwards. Don't limit yourself at this point; list everything, even if it seems trivial. Your Qualifications Summary is the most difficult section - do it last.

  • Education: list colleges and universities attended, exchange programs, high school, off-campus study, etc.
  • Work: list all jobs held-full or part time, paid or unpaid.
  • Activities: list everything you have done, now and in high school, in terms of organized groups, teams, clubs, community involvement, etc.
  • Honors and Awards: list scholarships, class standing, special recognition and academic achievements.

For each section ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is this a skill that the employer is looking for in this type of position?
  • How can I describe the way in which these skills can be used to benefit this employer? For example, being a robust member of a fraternity may not be all that earth-shaking to an employer, however, the fact that you organized philanthropic functions to help the community may be of interest.
  • Are there things on this list that I feel a sense of pride or accomplishment about?
  • Which things on my list show different aspects of my personality or strengths?
  • Your job flipping hamburgers or mowing lawns may seem trivial to you, but being a conscientious worker during these jobs may be pertinent information.

Develop a first draft of your résumé using Optimal Resume and bring it by the Career Resource Center for review.