For Student Athletes Career Tracks

First Year: Orientation & Assessment

Your first year is all about understanding your interests, values, strengths, and goals.


Events & Programs

  • Week of Welcome
  • Matriculation Ceremony
  • Map Your Major

Sophomore Year: Exploration & Development

Your sophomore year is an introduction to the "world of work" and teaches you how to match your interests, values, strengths, and goals with experiential learning opportunities.


  • Begin planning for and exploring internship opportunities
  • Create a LinkedIn Profile
  • Add your student involvement to your resume
  • Financial Fitness for Second Year Students
  • Experiential Learning Consultation with the CRC

Events & Programs

  • Internship Prep Workshop
  • Former Student-Athlete Panel
  • Annual Career Expo

Junior Year: Experience & Set Goals

Your junior year is when you begin to apply your classroom knowledge, interests, values, and strengths in a practical work environment through experiential learning.


  • Develop networking and interview skills
  • Launch a strategic internship search
  • Leverage your social media
  • Financial Fitness for Juniors
  • Apply for  President's Volunteer Service Award

Graduate School Track-Events & Programs

  • Graduate School Planning Workshop
  • Career Expo
  • Graduate School Consultation with the CRC

Employment Track-Events & Programs

  • Internship Readiness Workshop
  • Career Expo
  • Alumni Mentor Program
  • Etiquette Dinner- Phin Academy 
  • Workplace Etiquette Program
  • Internship Consultation with the CRC

Senior Year: Implementation & Transition

Finally, your senior year is when you begin to transition from the classroom to your career by preparing for life after graduation.


  • Create targeted job search
  • Participate in the Senior Series
  • Financial Fitness for Seniors

Events & Programs

  • Career Expo
  • Senior Series
  • Employer hosted On-Campus Recruitment
  • Career Search Consultation with the CRC

And finally...

Alumni: Dolphin for Life

Once you've graduated, we're still here for you! Check out our resources and information for alumni.