Get involved

There are several ways to get you can get involved. We are always looking for alumni to become alumni leaders! Your donation of time and information can help us immensely. The best way to get involved is to keep an eye on our alumni gatherings and events in your area. Check the Wave Magazine for aviation happenings. Anything you can do is greatly appreciated and you will enjoy catching up with other alumni and friends!

Some ways to get involved is to:

  • Join the Jacksonville University Alumni Association to receive news and events all over campus and keep your information up-to-date with their records.
  • Become involved in the Jacksonville University Aviation Advisory Board (JUAAB). Read more about the Advisory Board.
  • Host an alumni social event in your home or in your local area.
  • Host a prospective student reception in your home or in your local area.
  • Attend alumni activities, reunions, and campus events.
  • Email us with your story. Tell us what you have been doing since graduation and send email us pictures!
  • Be a guest speaker on JU campus and/or your local area.
  • Host a current student in your workplace, mentor, and/or give informational tours.
  • Set up an internship program for current JU aviation students in your place of employment.
  • Refer a friend or neighbor to the School of Aviation​ at JU.​